Grilled Goat Kang Asep in Bandung.

Grilled Goat Kang Asep in Bandung is one of business in making dan service of goat bolsters who are proficient and expersts in procesing.
grolled goat in bandung
With a fly clock that is high enough, Goat Guling Kang Asep guaranteed for dishes that have a distinctive taste and quality, both soft meat and delicious taste.
In Its Processing, Kang Asep Still use traditional methods both from fuel and in the use of spice that are still original from spice ingredients, without using any ingredients or other preservatives from other instan spices.

Kambing Guling Kang Asep, serve order for barbeque dan stall catering event for weeding, thanksgiving, open house and other events with coverage Bandung, Cimahi dan subang, including for the tourist attractions in Bandung.

Kang Asep Grilled Goat price included:

  1. Lontong
  2. Prickle
  3. saus
  4. Accompaniment / waitress
  5. Fuel Service at the event location

Why choose Goat Kang Guling Kang Asep ????
  1. Experience since 1997 made Kang Asep more understand the character of goat meat that can be processed into goat bolsters, the accuracy of taste and maturity level and knowledge of the prediction of delivery time has become daily Kuling Kang Asep Goat.
  2. In addition to processing Goat Guling, Kang Asep also double profession will be goat storage and its own maintenance by using natural feed so that for the goat weight is more contain and quality, the rejected goat sorting is suplay to traditional market, and certainly with the maintenance of the animal itself is ensured cost Can be more on tap.
  3. The slaughtering process is done by experts who are skillful and skilled so as to ensure the absence of prengus smell, and the guarantee of validity in animal slaughter.
  4. Spice Processing is done by Kang Asep directly so that the flavors remain the same and produce more flavorful and tasty.
  5. Standard combustion methods performed no less than 2 hours sehiungga menghasilkaan maturity level is more perfect.
  6. Specific animal sorting Goat Guling done by Kang Asep directly with the classification maximum age of 8 months, as for the purposes of goats bolsters with large size we use a type of goat Bongsor like the type of goat gibas.

For those of you who are in Bandung and surrounding areas and need goat bolster service please contact: Kang Asep

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